Adventures in Autism
Adventures in Autism

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- Quality outdoor excursions and opportunities for persons with autism and other diagnoses.

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Georgetown Camping and Barrier Island Boat Tour


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We will camp out in Georgetown, SC Friday and then complete a boat tour to a barrier island on Saturday.  Shelter and food will be provided.  This will be a mixed age group.

North Carolina Backpacking


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This will be a 2 night trip in Pisgah National Forest.  There will be lots of water crossings and even more fun.  Fee includes food and solo backpacking tent for each person.


No upcoming events.


Veronica McNeal has over 18 years experience in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis.

Veronica McNeal - Lead Instructor

Veronica has over 18 years experience working in the field of applied behavior analysis.  She currently works with children and adults with autism spectrum disorder and other diagnoses.  Veronica has worked as an outings instructor at camps in Alabama, North Carolina and Vermont.  She has an undergraduate degree in Psychology and a Masters degree in Education. Her primary outdoor interests are backpacking, camping and hiking.

Kate McNeal - Instructor

Kate studied anthropology at the University of South Carolina.  As a competitive swimmer she was nationally ranked and has worked professionally as a lifeguard.  Kate has experience working with at-risk youth and youth with special needs.  Her primary outdoor interests are backpacking and water sports.

Kaitlin Reid - Instructor

Kaitlin has more than 10 years experience working with children and young adults with special needs.  She is CPR and First Aid certified.  Kaitlin earned her BA in Psychology from the University of South Carolina and is currently pursuing her Masters degree in Education.  Her primary outdoor interests are hiking, kayaking, rockwall climbing, disc golf and swimming. 

Michael Reid - Instructor

Michael earned his BS in Biology from Newberry College in 2012.  He has worked providing direct services to children and young adults with autism spectrum disorder.  Due to his love of the outdoors Michael pursued a professional career in the field.  He has worked in positions that encourage wilderness survival, knowledge about native species of plants and animals, and outdoor educational programs.  Michael is CPR and first aid certified.  His primary outdoor interests are camping, kayaking, climbing and hiking.

Wesley - Junior Instructor

Wesley serves as a integral team member in our group.  He has extensive knowledge of the outdoors having participated in Boy Scouts of America for over 10 years, and was recently named Assistant Troop leader. His primary outdoor interests are camping, hiking, and swimming.

Emmitt - Head Hound

Emmitt has worked as head hound for over 8 years.  He has extensive experience catching and returning tennis balls and refusing to come when called.  His primary outdoor interests are sniffing and demonstrating his superiority over the squirrels that trespass in his neighborhood.

Sarah Trowbridge - Instructor

Bio coming soon!

Melanie Blackwell

Bio and picture coming soon (Melanie is not a tent)


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